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1 A: Hi! / Hello! 你好!

B: Hi! / Hello! 你好!

2. A: Nice to meet you. 见到你很高兴。

B: Nice to meet you too.见到你我也很高兴。

3. A: How are you? 你好吗?

B:I am fine, thank you. How are you?(And you?)我很好,谢谢。

4. A: Good morning? 早上好

B: Good morning! ?早上好!

5. A: Good afternoon? 下午好?

B: Good afternoon! 下午好!

6.A: Good evening? 晚上好?

B: Good evening!晚上好。

7. A: Good night!晚安。

B: Good night! 晚安

8. A: What is your name? 你叫什麽名字?

B: My name is Lisa.

9. A: How old are you? 你几岁了?

B:I am fourteen years old.我十四岁。

10. A: How tall are you? 你有多高?

B:I’ m 1.65metres.我身高1米55

11. A: How heavy are you? 你有多重?

B:I’ m 48kilograms.我有48公斤。

12. A: When is your birthday? 你的生日是什么时候?

B:My birthday is in May.我的生日在五月。

13. A:When do you get up?你什么时候起床。

B: I get up at 7:00 o’clock.我7点起床。

14.A:When do you do morning exercise? 你什么时候做早操?

B: I usually you do morning exercise at 8:30.我通常在8:30做早操。

15. A: Thank you!谢谢你 

B: You are welcome.不用谢

16.A:What’s your favourite season?你最喜欢的季节是哪一个?

B: My favourite season is spring/summar/fall/winter.我最喜欢的季节是春夏秋冬。

17.A: What's your favourite fruit?你最喜欢吃的水果是什么?

B: Apple.苹果。

18.A: When is Children’s day?儿童节是什么时候? 

B: It’ s in June.在六月

19.A: What are you doing?你正在做什么?

B:I’ m reading a book.我正在读书。

20A: What’s the date today?今天几月几号

B: It’s October 1st.10月1号。

A: What day is it today?今天星期几?

B: It’s Monday.今天星期一

21. A: What’s this?这是什么?

B: It’s a pen. 这是一只钢笔。

22.A: What color is it?这是什么颜色?

B: It’s red.红色

23.A: What color do you like best?你最喜欢的颜色什么?

B: red.红色

24.A: What animals do you like best?你最喜欢的动物是什么?

B: Dog.小狗

25. A: Happy New Year! 新年快乐!

B: Happy New Year!

26. A:Happy birthday! 生日快乐!

B:Thank you!谢谢

27. A: Merry Christmas! 圣诞快乐!

B: Merry Christmas,too. 圣诞快乐!

28. A: Are you OK? 你还好吗? 

B: Yes, I am OK. 我挺好的。

29. A: What time is it? 几点了

B: It’s ten o’clock.十点了

30.A:How many people are there in your family?你家里有几个人?

B: There are 7 people in my family.我家有个7人。


Topic1 问路与交通


动词+副词短语:turn left/right 左转/右转;walk/go along/straight 直走;go/walk through穿过

交通方式:on foot步行;by train/bike/bus乘火车/骑自行车/乘公共汽车;take a bus乘公共汽车;take a train乘火车;on the bus乘公共汽车;on one's bike骑自行车



1.Excuse me.Is there a bank near here?打扰一下,这附近有银行吗?

2.Which is the way to the supermarket?请问哪一条路是去超市的?

3.Do you know the way to Bridge Street?你知道去布里奇大街的路吗?

4.Would you please tell me the way to the bank?请问你能告诉我去银行怎么走吗?

5.Could you tell me how I can get to the hotel?你能告诉我如何去旅馆吗?


1.Yes,there is.It's on Center Street.是的,有。在中心街。

2.It's in front of the library.它在图书馆前面。

3.Go down this street.沿着这条街走。

4.Turn left at the first crossing.在第一个十字路口左转。

5.It's on Bridge Street on the right.在布里奇大街的右边。

Topic2 感谢与应答



1.Thanks for asking me out.谢谢你邀请我。

2.Thank you!谢谢!


4.Thanks a lot!多谢!

5.Thank you very much!非常感谢!

6.Many thanks!多谢!

7.It's very kind of you.你真是太好了。

8.How kind of you!你真好!

9.Thank you anyway.仍然谢谢你。

10.Thank you all the same.仍然谢谢你。


1.Don't mention it.不客气。

2.That's all right.不客气。

3.It was nothing.不客气。

4.That's OK.不客气。

5.Think nothing of it.不客气。

6.You're welcome.不客气。

7.Not at all.不客气。

8.It's a pleasure.别客气。

9.My pleasure.别客气。

Topic3 请求与建议


1.—Would you mind not smoking here?你介意不在这抽烟吗?

—Sorry,I won't.对不起,我不会了。

2.—Would you like something to drink?来点喝的好吗?


3.—Don't smoke here.请不要在这里抽烟。

—Sorry,I won't.对不起,我不会了。

4.—Why not go to movies with us?你为什么不和我们一块儿看电影去呢?

—Sounds great.听起来不错

5.—Could you please take out the trash?你去倒一下垃圾好吗?

—Sorry,mum.I'm doing my homework.对不起,妈妈。我正在做作业。


Topic4 问候与告别


1.—How are you?你好吗?

—Fine, thank you. And you?好,谢谢。你呢?

—I'm fine, too.我也很好。

2.—How do you get on with your classmates?你和你同学相处得怎样?

—Very well.很好。

3.—See you.再见。 

—See you.再见。


Topic5 祝愿与祝贺



—I have passed the examination!我已经通过考试了—Congratulations (to you)!祝贺你!


1.Good luck with you trip!祝您旅途平安!

2.Have a good trip/journey.=I wish you a good trip/journey.祝你旅途愉快。/祝你一路顺风。

3.Good trip to you./Nice journey to you.祝你旅途愉快。


—Happy birthday to you!生日快乐!—Thank you!谢谢!


—I will take the exams tomorrow.我明天将参加考试。

—Good luck(to you)!(I wish you success!) 祝您顺利!(祝您成功!)


—Happy New Year(to you)!(祝你)新年快乐!

—Thanks. The same to you!(Happy New Year to you,too!)谢谢!您也一样!(也祝您新年快乐!)


Topic6 打电话


1.打电话人自我介绍:用英语打电话时,开头打招呼的第一句话通常是Hello,然后便自报姓名,再告知想与谁通话。例如:Hello! This is Mike(speaking).

2.打电话人要某人接电话,需要证实对方的身份时,不能说Are you...?或Who are you?而应该说:May/Can/Could I speak to Kate, please?/Is that Kate?/Is Kate in/at home?/Who's that?

3.本人接电话时可以说: This is Kate (speaking)./Yes, speaking.



Give sb a ring; give sb a call; phone sb; ring sb up; call sb给打电话

Hold on/Wait a minute/One moment,please.请等一等。Take a message捎口信



1.Can/Could/Would you ring up/call/call up...?你能给……打个电话吗?

2.Will/Would you give a message to...,please?请你给……捎个口信可以吗?


1.Can I take a message(for you)?要我帮你捎口信吗?

2.I'll ask...to call you back.我会让……给你回个电话的。

3.This is Vivian speaking.我是Vivian。


Topic7 就餐与饮食


Help yourself to..你吃/喝点 Something to eat一些吃的东西Something to drink一些喝的



1.Would you like something (to eat/to drink)?你想要(吃/喝)点什么吗?

2.What would you like (to have)?你想要吃点什么?

3.Would you like some more...?你还要点吗?

4.Are you ready to order,sir?/Can/May I take your order now?现在可以请你点餐了吗?


1.Help yourself to...你吃/喝点吧。

2.Make yourself at home.请随便吃,不要客气。

3.Well ,just a little,please.好的,请来一点儿。


5.I'm full,thank you.谢谢,我吃饱了。


Topic8 健康与就医


在中考中应注意:西方人听到自己的亲人、朋友或熟人等谈到有关身体健康的问题时,如“I think I have a bad cold.”通常回答:“I'm sorry to hear that.”或“You'd better see a doctor.”。但如果是说给医生,医生则不能用上述答话,而需用“Take it easy.”来回答。



Have (got)a headache头疼    Have a cough咳嗽

Take one's temperature量体温    Have a fever发烧

Have a cold感冒   Nothing serious没有什么严重的



1.What's wrong/the matter/the trouble with you?你有什么不舒服吗?

2.Is there anything wrong with you?你哪里不舒服?

3.You'd better have a good rest.你最好好好休息一下。

4.Take this medicine three times a day.这药每天吃三次。

5.Drink plenty of water and have a good rest. 多喝水,好好休息。


1.I fell terrible/bad/ill/sick.我感到很不舒服。

2.I don't feel well./I'm not feeling well.我感到不舒服。

3.I've got a cough(headache, toothache).我咳嗽/头疼/牙疼。

4.I don't fell well.我感觉不舒服。

5.There's something wrong with...我的……不舒服。


Topic9 购物


Size(large, medium, small)型号(大,中,小),color(yellow, black, blue, pink)颜色(黄色,黑色,蓝色,粉红),sell, buy,on sale(减价),price, cheap, expensive, money等。



1.Can/May I help you?=What can I do for you?您要买点什么?(能为您做点什么吗?)

2.How many/much would you like?您要多少……?

3.What color/size/kind would you like?您要什么颜色/尺寸/种类的?

4.What/How about this one?这个怎么样?

5.Here's your change. 给你的找零。


1.I want/I'd like a pair of shoes.我想要买一双鞋。

2.How much is it/are they?价格多少?

3.May I try it on?能试穿一下吗?

4.It's too big/small.它太大/小了。

5.Sorry,it's too expensive.对不起,它太贵了。

6.Do you have anything cheaper?有便宜点的吗?

7.Do you have other colors/sizes/kinds?你有其它颜色/尺寸/种类的吗?

8.Well,I'll think about it. 哦,我考虑一下吧。

Topic10 旅游与计划


Walk 走路,fly 飞行,on foot 步行,by bus 乘坐公共汽车,by train 乘火车,ride a bike 骑自行车, by ship 坐轮船,by plane 乘飞机,No.3 bus 3号公共汽车


1. The train leaves at 8:00 am and arrives at 12:00 am.火车八点发车十二点到达。

2. I just came back from...  我刚好从……回来。

3. have gone to... 他们去了还没回……  4. have been to 去了已经回

5. I want to fly to Washington next week. 我想下周乘飞机去华盛顿。

6. I hope you have a good trip. 玩得快乐!


Topic11 谈论天气


(1)Describing weather (sunny, cloudy, windy, rainy, hot, warm, cold,cool,etc.)描述天气(阳光明媚的、多云的、有风的、下雨的、热的、暖和的、冷的、凉爽的、等等)

(2)Understanding weather reports (conditions, temperature, rain, snow, wind, sun, cloud,etc.)理解天气预报(条件、温度、雨、雪、风、太阳、云、等等)

(3)Dressing for the weather (coat, hat, umbrella, raincoat, overcoat, windbreaker, etc.) 针对天气的穿着(外套、帽子、雨伞、雨衣、大衣、防风上衣、等等)


1.What's the weather like today?今天天气怎么样?

2.How's the weather in Beijing?北京天气如何?

3.What a cold/hot day today! 今天天气真冷/真热!


1.It's a nice/fine/beautiful/horrible day today.今天天气真好/真糟啊!

2.It's sunny/cloudy/windy/rainy/snowy/foggy.今天天气晴朗/多云/多风/多雨/多雪/多雾。


Topic12 兴趣爱好


I love...我爱……;

I like...我喜欢……;

I'm interested in...我对……感兴趣;

I'm fond of...我喜欢……;

...is my favorite sport.……是我最喜欢的运动;

I like...best我最喜欢……;

My hobby is...我的爱好是……;

I'm a football fan.我是一个足球迷。

read 读书,watch TV 看电视,go to the movies 去看电影,collect stamps 搜集邮票,listen to music 听音乐,painting 画画,play basketball/volleyball/football 玩篮球/排球/足球,go swimming 去游泳,play the piano/violin 弹钢琴/拉小提琴,play chess 下棋。


1.This book is very interesting.这本书很有趣。

2.I like/love the movie very much.我非常喜欢这部电影。

3.I like taking photos.我喜欢拍照。

4.I enjoy listening to music.我喜欢听音乐。

5.I'm interested in science.我对自然科学感兴趣。

7.He is fond of music.他喜欢音乐。

Topic13 学校生活


Class 班级;grade 年级;teacher 老师;playground 操场;library 图书馆;classmate 同学;favorite subject 最喜爱的科目;activity 活动;office 办公室;break 课间休息;school trip 学校旅行;do one's homework 做作业;study for a test 准备考试;learn English 学习英语;have math class 上数学课;the school rules 学校规章制度;be late for class/school 上课/上学迟到;go to school 去上学;school clubs学校俱乐部


1.—How many boy students are there in your class?你的班里有多少男同学?

—There are twenty-one boy students in my class.我的班里有二十一名男同学。

2.—What do you think of your English teacher?你觉得你们的英语老师如何啊?

—She is very friendly to us.她对我们很友好。

3.—How do you study English?你如何学英语?

—I study English by taking notes in class.我通过课堂上做笔记来学习英语。

4.—Please don't eat in class.请不要在课堂上吃东西。

—Sorry ,I won't.对不起,我不会了。

5.—How was your school trip?你的学校旅行如何啊?

—It was great/OK/good.很好。

6.—I will have an English test tomorrow.我明天有一个英语测试。

—Good luck to you!希望你有好运气!

7.—Our school will have a picnic this weekend.我们学校这个周末有一次野餐。

—Have a good time! 好好玩吧!


Topic14 时间与日期


1.—When were you born?你什么时候出生的?

—I was born on August 17th ,1978.我出生于1978年8月17日。

2.—What time do you usually go to school?你通常什么时候去学校?

—I usually go to school at seven o'clock.我通常七点去学校。

3.—What day is it today?今天是周几?

—Today is Monday.今天是周一。

4.—What's the date today?今天是几号?

—It's July 18th.7月18日。

5.—What's the time?/What time is it?几点了?

—It's eight o'clock in the evening.晚上八点。

6.—Which season do you like best?你最喜欢哪个季节?

—I like summer best.我最喜欢夏季。

Topic15 恭维与应答


1.—Your skirt is so beautiful.你的裙子很漂亮。

—Thank you.谢谢。

2.—I have just got my driver's license.我已经拿到了驾照。

—I'm glad to hear that.听到这我很高兴。

3.—I think you have an excellent son.我认为你有一个优秀的儿子。

—Thank you.谢谢。

4.—Happy birthday to you.生日快乐。

—Thanks a lot.多谢。

5.—It's very kind of you taking care of my cat when I am away.你在我不在的时侯照顾我的猫真是太好了。

—It's my pleasure.不客气。


Topic16 职业与外貌


look like 看起来像;tall 高的;short 矮的;medium height 中等身高;medium build 中等体型;fat 胖的;thin 瘦的;heavy 重的;straight hair 直发;curly hair 卷发;strong 强壮的;blond hair 金黄色头发;brown hair 棕发


1.—What do you do?你是做什么的?

—I am an actor.我是一名演员。

2.—What's your job?你的工作是什么?

—I am a teacher.我是一名教师。

3.—What does he do?他是干什么的?

—He is a doctor.他是一名医生。

4.—What do you want to be when you grow up?当你长大后想干什么?

—I want to be a pilot.我想成为一名飞行员。

5.—What does he want to be when he grows up?当他长大后想干什么?

—He wants to be an engineer.他想成为一名工程师。

7.—What does he look like?他长得什么样子?

—He is of medium height.他中等个子。

8.—What does she look like?她长得什么样子?

—She has long hair.她有长长的头发。

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